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2015 Honeynet Project Workshop

18-20 May 2015 | Stavanger Norway

Each year the Honeynet Project annual workshop brings together top information security experts from around the globe to present their latest research efforts and discuss insights and strategies to combat new threats. The project workshop provides participants and sponsors with significant exposure to world-class professionals and a diverse range of information security topics. We invite you to be a partner of our Stavanger, Norway workshop in 2015!

The Honeynet Project Workshop will offer briefings, trainings and a CxO strategic track especially designed for corporate CEOs, CFOs, COOs and CIOs as well as governmental policy makers and certain key military leadership roles.

The 2015 Annual Honeynet Workshop presents an exciting line-up of speakers including Lance Spitzner (SANS), Anton Chuvakin (GARTNER), Raffael Marty (PixlCloud, previously Splunk), Lukas Rist (Blue Coat), Felix Leder, Brian Hay, and Mahmud Ab Rahman, and many others. Hands-on training opportunities will be offered in Big Data Visualization for Security, Virtualization Security, Network Analysis and Forensics, Malicious Document Analysis, Android Malware Analysis, Using Honeynet Technologies, and other important topics that can help strengthen your security posture.


The first day is a one-day set of briefings whose purpose is to bring together security experts to share their experiences and expertise in security technologies with other local and regional information security professionals.

CxO Track

The CxO track is a strategic track especially designed for corporate CEOs, CFOs, COOs and CIOs as well as governmental policy makers and certain key military leadership roles. This program focuses on translating critical technical issues for key decision makers so that they are better able to plan and manage resources that impact information security within their organizations. Here technical experts will provide short, concise evaluations of the current threat environments as well as their perspectives on near to midterm emerging information security threats that are likely to evolve. Information security experts will present flash talks on specific areas including but not limited to financial cybercrime, industrial and critical infrastructure control system threats, emerging threats to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, changes in the relationships between individuals and digital technologies that have impacts on national security issues and more. This is a fast paced, highly condensed program track design to provide critical information to individuals in key organizational leadership roles.

Security Divas

Women in IT Security, a tailored made event for you where you get the insights from other women in the Industry and latest updates on security happenings! This track is organized by NorSis with Tone Bakås and DND with Renate Thoreid.

Hands-on Tutorial Trainings

We will offer hands-on tutorials trainings where we will be running at least 4 concurrent classes, which are 1-day in length. Tutorial session topics will include Malware Reverse Engineering, Android Malware Analysis, Information Visualization, Virtualization Security, Network Analysis and Forensics as well as other important technical topics. Each tutorial is led by an expert in the field from the Project and provides a professional and effective environment to quickly gain experience and expertise in key technical areas.

The Honeynet Project, founded in 2000, is an international, non-profit (US 501c3) volunteer research organization dedicated to improving the security of the Internet. For the past 14 years, the Project has developed tools and conducted research in the information security field and provided it to the public at no cost.

Examples of our work include the Know Your Enemy whitepaper series, open-source tools and forensic challenges.

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